Exclusive Supplier Partnership Program for HVAC Partners

Our Exclusive Supplier Partnership (ESP) program was developed along with the concept for New Filters Plus.  Our thought process was simple; that we and our “HVAC Partners” were:

  • Duplicating efforts to maintain working filter inventory for customers,
  • That a partnership offering our services to all HVAC Partners allows you to focus on your core products/services, while offering a program that your customers benefit from.

Most of our HVAC Partners have invested considerable amounts of time, money, space and personnel to adequately stock filter supplies.  Well, that’s where New Filters Plus can streamline the process.

The ESP program, through an exclusive computer tracking system, allows your customers direct access to New Filters Plus’ online inventory, pricing and FREE shipping!  When your customers place filter orders you benefit.  How?  Contact us today to find out…

What used to be the door to a Contractor’s stockroom now opens our HVAC partners to the entire online inventory, full support and resources of New Filters Plus.

Each ESP partnership is tailored to our HVAC Partner’s market and needs.  For more information and to see how it benefits you and your customers contact us at: or call us today: 205.601.0557.

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